June 5, 2017

Maximus & Davie Come to Charleston

After Brayden finished up his last final of his first year (yay!), my parents visited us in Charleston! It was the perfect way to kick off Brayden being done with school for the summer! This trip was a lot more relaxing and we got to explore a lot, since last time they were here was all about moving us in and getting us settled.

The first night they were here we went to this cute little theater downtown called 34 West Theater. My mom found tickets to this a couple weeks before they came and thought it would be fun to go! It is a really small venue and there are only a couple people that work there, the actors run the whole show, they even sell the refreshments before the show starts. It was fun being able to do something that we haven't tried in Charleston yet!

The week was filled with walking around downtown, shopping, going to the Morris Island Lighthouse, and just hanging out! We ate TONS of delicious food! A few of our favorite places that we were able to go to while they were here were Five Loaves, Graze, Lewis Barbecue, 82 Queen, Husk, Jeni's etc.

My birthday was just a week after we left so we spent Monday, the day before they left acting like it was my birthday. I wasn't complaining at all! :) Monday morning we went on a dolphin tour and saw a bunch of dolphins swimming around Morris Island Lighthouse. Luckily, we were the only ones on the tour that morning, so we had a private little tour. After the tour we went to Callie's Hot Little Biscuit. I have heard that their biscuits were so good, so I thought we should go try some! They were so delicious, I loved all of the different kinds we got! The rest of the day we relaxed and sat around the pool. For dinner we made reservations at Halls Chophouse. Their food was so so so good! Brayden and I aren't really seafood people, but of course Davie Crocket made us try the shrimp that he ordered for an appetizer. It actually wasn't that bad, but I am definitely not converted to the fish life yet. The steak I ordered was hands down the best steak I have ever had. Then for dessert we got a caramel cake, that was also phenomenal. Basically everything we ordered was great! After dinner we walked around downtown to try and walk off all the food we ate... When we got back to our apartment it was time to open my presents! It was a perfect pre-birthday celebration!

I loved having my parents come visit us! We were so spoiled the whole entire time they were here. I am really so lucky to have such amazing parents! I am always so sad when they have to leave.. but luckily we will see them in less than two weeks for our family vacation!!

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  1. I'm really digging your beach model poses!