July 19, 2018

Brayden's White Coat Ceremony

This past Father's Day weekend Brayden had his white coat ceremony. The white coat ceremony usually happens before you start working in the clinic on real patients. So for MUSC that is at the start of his third year of school. I seriously cannot even believe we are already half way done! It was so great to have Brayden's parent in town for this special weekend, they even drove Brayden's car out to South Carolina for us I might add!! My brother was graduating(yay!) from dental school in San Francisco the same weekend, so my parents were not able to come. Seriously what are the odds it fell on the same exact weekend. But it was such a great weekend celebrating Brayden with his parents! 

After the ceremony we were able to go to dinner at Wild Olive with Brayden's parents. It was sooo good and so much fun! The rest of the weekend was spent exploring Charleston with his parents! We went on a carriage tour, walked around the market, went on a little hike, and ate some yummy food! We loved having them come and visit us! They were so sweet to take the long trek to South Carolina in Brayden's car from college so that we could have a second car here! It has been so nice to not have to worry about sharing a car now that Brayden's school and volunteer hours vary so much now! We are so lucky to have such wonderful love and support from our family. I am so proud of my future dentist and all of his hard work!!

July 3, 2018

Logan's Farewell...

Well. We did it. We all made it through our awful goodbyes and Logan, I mean Elder Zylstra, is off to serve the Lord. I am so extremely proud of him and his decision to give up two years to serve the Lord and the people of the Philippines. They sure are lucky to have him and his wonderful spirit! He is just over a week into the MTC and I am already looking forward to his P Days, which are on Fridays! I love to get emails from him and how he has the best attitude, even though it is so hard. I seriously cannot even imagine learning the a new language(Tagalog) especially one I have never heard before. I am happy to report he is doing great and that he was assigned to be the district leader at the MTC. We are all so proud of him and know that his testimony will grow so much through this experience.

A few weeks ago we were able to go to California for his farewell. The week that I was supposed to leave, Brayden found out his Friday class was cancelled so he was able to go with me! We arrived in California late Thursday night and of course we had In-N-Out waiting in the car for us, all thanks to papa dave! When we got home everyone was already there, it was so fun to be with everyone.

Friday morning we took family pictures that my mom coordinated last minute when she found out that Brayden was going to come. Then the rest of the day was spent preparing for Logan's party. His party was amazing! I loved being able to see so many of my cousins and aunts & uncles! We of course had the In-N-Out truck for his party, and yes that does mean that we had it twice in 24 hours, but I am definitely not complaining about that.

Saturday, all of our family was able to go in the temple together. It was such a special experience having everyone there. I love going to the temple and the special spirit you feel while inside. After the temple we went home and had dinner with everyone and hung around to play some games.

Early Sunday morning Brayden had to leave to go back to school. I stayed an extra day so that I could be there for Logan's farewell talk at church. Logan seriously did amazing. I definitely cried a bit, but I am so proud of all that he is doing and how selfless he is being at this time in his life. We all miss him so much already but know that he will do such great things for the people in the Philippines.

This was such a perfect weekend filled with much needed family time before Logan left. My countdown to June of 2020 has already begun. Love you so much Logey!

June 28, 2018


A few weeks ago we were able to take a quick weekend trip to Chicago to visit some of our friends from college! Ben and Megan are living in Chicago while Ben goes to medical school. We haven't seen them since they left for school about 3 years ago, so it was really fun to be able to hang out with them! 

After we landed in Chicago we got on the train and headed to downtown to their apartment. Of course the first thing we did when we got there was plan out what we were going to have for dinner. We obviously needed to go get some deep dish pizza, so we went to Giordano's. It was delicious! After pizza we walked around downtown exploring the sights, we saw the bean and even watched a little bit of a gospel music group at Millennium Park. After all of the walking around and touring, we obviously deserved to go get some donuts, cause if there is anything I have learned from being married to Brayden, is that there is always room for some donuts but only if he has some milk to go with it! The rest of the night was spent relaxing and catching up with Ben and Megan!

The next morning as soon as we woke up we headed to Wildberry Pancakes. This place did not disappoint. It was so so good! The rest of the day we walked around exploring some more of Chicago. We walked down Michigan Avenue going in and out of all of their shops and of course that worked up a bit of an appetite but we were all still in a food coma from breakfast that we just decided on a little snack. We stopped at Garrett's Popcorn and got some of their "Garret Mix", which is a mix of caramel and cheese popcorn. It was a perfect snack to have while walking around and shopping. Unfortunately there was not a Cubs games while we were there but we still wanted to at least go see the field. We were so bummed when we found out that there wasn't a game, but it was still fun to go see it! We went to dinner later that night at Butcher & the Burger. Then after dinner we went to a little bakery, I can't remember what it was called... but we got the best rice krispie treats! Once we got back to their apartment after a busy day we all got comfy and turned on the Cubs game and played some Settler's of Catan.

Sunday morning, we obviously went to go get some donuts before church. And naturally Brayden wanted to try two different places to see which donut he liked best! So we went to Stan's Donuts and then went down a block and got some Do-Rite donuts. I personally liked the Do-Rite donuts better, because I am more simple when it comes to donuts, I don't need a ton of random fancy toppings on my donuts. Give me a chocolate or maple glaze and I am good to go. Once we got back from donuts, Brayden and I walked down to the Navy Pier and explored a bit. Chicago is so clean and pretty! After getting back from our walk we got ready for church. On our way to church we stopped to see a beautiful, FREE! view of the skyline. It always helps to be staying with some locals because they teach you all the tricks, so instead of paying to go see the exact same view from the SkyDeck, Ben and Megan took us to another tower to get a beautiful view. After church we decided it was time to compare some chicago deep dish pizza by going to another restaurant. So we headed to Lou Malnatis. Obviously, it was so good! That was a theme with chicago..we loved it!

It was so much fun to be able to visit some friends and catch up with them. They are about to have a baby in a few days and we are so excited for them! Megan was such a trooper walking around everywhere being our tour guide while 8 months pregnant. We loved being able to see them in their city!

** After writing this whole thing out, I am kind of embarrassed of how much I talk about food...ha! But we seriously loved the food in Chicago, everything we had was delicious! **

June 6, 2018

More Visitors!

My mom and Logan came to visit us for a week! Logan is leaving on his mission in just a few weeks so he wanted to come and see South Carolina before he left, since we probably won't be here when he gets back. It was seriously a blast having them here! We were able to do so many touristy Charleston things and of course eat some wonderful food. We went on a dolphin tour, went to a show at the theatre, took a carriage tour, fort sumter, pitt street bridge, went to all of our favorite food stops, did face masks, etc... It was definitely a jam packed week! It is always fun when we have new visitors that haven't come to Charleston. It gives us an excuse to hit up all the tourist spots.

My birthday was just a week after they left so we celebrated with them while they were here! We went to Halls Chophouse for my birthday dinner, which we did last year for my birthday too. I really cannot complain about that tradition! Dinner was amazing, like always, and we topped the night off with some chocolate cake and creme brulee.. It was a perfect pre-birthday celebration!

I loved having my mom and little brother come visit us! We were so spoiled the whole entire time they were here. We are so lucky to have such amazing families! I am always so sad when they have to leave!


April 19, 2018


Welp. Tax season is over so I decided there was some catching up to do on this old thing... It was so long ago this will probably be just some word vomit followed by tons of pictures of all the fun things that we did...

We were lucky enough to have some visitors in the middle of February! My parents came to Charleston to hang out with Brayden and I for the week. The week was jam packed with so many adventures and tons of tasty food. We were able to cross a few more things of Maxine's list of "Charleston To do's"! 

They flew in on February 13th, so we were able to have a double date for Valentine's Day! We went to Lewis Barbecue, which was phenomenal. Then we ended the night at a comedy show at a tiny little theatre downtown. 

The next day we went to Pitt Street Bridge while Brayden was busy studying. Davie Crocket of course made some random friends with people walking on the bridge and even with some people that were riding around on a boat ha! 

While they were here I felt like we did so much! We went to Boone Hall Plantation, Angel Oak Tree, saw Jumanji (hilarious movie), took a day trip down to Beaufort and Hunting Island State Park, went to a show at the 34 West Theatre, went shopping downtown, went to amazing new restaurants, and of course hit up a few of our staple restaurants. We also went to Jeni's Splendid ice cream twice (not sure how many times davie and maximus went because i know they snuck it a couple times while i was at work...) because it is just that good. 

It was so nice to have family come to town, we love exploring our city with visitors. Their trips always seem to go by so fast. But we can't wait for our next visitors to come in just a couple of weeks!! Get ready Maximus and Logey :)