November 6, 2017

Brayden is 26!

i have been looking forward to Brayden's birthday for awhile now. i had a few surprises up my sleeve that he had no clue about and i was excited to make my very first layered cake! brayden's birthday was on a saturday so we were able to spend the whole day together! he woke up early and went and played basketball with some friends at the church, while i stayed home and made his cake and some other treats. when he got home it was time to open presents! he already knew his main gift the apple watch because of the shape of the box but i also had some surprises as well. he has said he wanted this russell westbrook shirt for awhile but it was sold out everywhere in his size. but i was able to snag one! my mom had me bring back some presents when we went to california so he could open it on his actual birthday. it was a very successful birthday morning!

later that day we played tennis and then went to lunch at firehouse subs because you get a free sandwich on your birthday and we never pass up free! especially firehouse subs, we love that place. we had to run some errands to find a few last minute touches for our costume for our friends halloween party we were going to later that night.

the rest of the day was just spent hanging out watching football. then before the party we went to dinner at tattooed moose, brayden has been there a couple of time but this was my first time. it was really good!! ...until about halfway through the party i started feeling very sick, and no i am NOT pregnant. we were having so much fun playing games and hanging out with everyone i didnt want to have to make brayden leave early. after awhile i couldnt handle it anymore and we had to leave. on our way home i told him we needed to pull over. so he did, but as soon as i stepped out a raccoon was looking me straight in the naturally i got back in the car right away and told him to keep going.

once we got home the rest of the night was spent not feeling so great. brayden was so sweet and helped me the whole night. he even brought the dodger game into the bathroom and rubbed my back. i felt so bad that this all happened on his birthday. but we had some good laughs about the whole situation. i really have the best husband.

since we didn't get to have the cake i made for his birthday we were able to celebrate sunday night too! so we finished our celebrations with candles, cake, and ice cream! i loved being able to spoil and celebrate brayden! his birthday is one of my favorite holidays!

October 25, 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Coker

Our trip to california was short, but amazing. the whole family was there for whitneys wedding!! the whole day way perfect and whitney looked absolutely beautiful! it was a perfect day celebrating the new Mr. & Mrs. Coker. i am so happy that whitney found the man of her dreams. she deserves the very best! her wedding day was picture perfect from her beautiful wedding dress to all of the details at the wedding.

we were able to already get a few picture from her amazing photographer Brooke (who also took my pictures!) but the rest of the photos are just random ones that we snapped throughout the day with our phones. this post is a bit of a picture overload but the whole day was beautiful so i thought i had to share!

Of course we had to take a quick in-n-out break in between the temple and reception

i finally got to meet cute little Harvey!! he is perfect.