June 5, 2017

Maximus & Davie Come to Charleston

After Brayden finished up his last final of his first year (yay!), my parents visited us in Charleston! It was the perfect way to kick off Brayden being done with school for the summer! This trip was a lot more relaxing and we got to explore a lot, since last time they were here was all about moving us in and getting us settled.

The first night they were here we went to this cute little theater downtown called 34 West Theater. My mom found tickets to this a couple weeks before they came and thought it would be fun to go! It is a really small venue and there are only a couple people that work there, the actors run the whole show, they even sell the refreshments before the show starts. It was fun being able to do something that we haven't tried in Charleston yet!

The week was filled with walking around downtown, shopping, going to the Morris Island Lighthouse, and just hanging out! We ate TONS of delicious food! A few of our favorite places that we were able to go to while they were here were Five Loaves, Graze, Lewis Barbecue, 82 Queen, Husk, Jeni's etc.

My birthday was just a week after we left so we spent Monday, the day before they left acting like it was my birthday. I wasn't complaining at all! :) Monday morning we went on a dolphin tour and saw a bunch of dolphins swimming around Morris Island Lighthouse. Luckily, we were the only ones on the tour that morning, so we had a private little tour. After the tour we went to Callie's Hot Little Biscuit. I have heard that their biscuits were so good, so I thought we should go try some! They were so delicious, I loved all of the different kinds we got! The rest of the day we relaxed and sat around the pool. For dinner we made reservations at Halls Chophouse. Their food was so so so good! Brayden and I aren't really seafood people, but of course Davie Crocket made us try the shrimp that he ordered for an appetizer. It actually wasn't that bad, but I am definitely not converted to the fish life yet. The steak I ordered was hands down the best steak I have ever had. Then for dessert we got a caramel cake, that was also phenomenal. Basically everything we ordered was great! After dinner we walked around downtown to try and walk off all the food we ate... When we got back to our apartment it was time to open my presents! It was a perfect pre-birthday celebration!

I loved having my parents come visit us! We were so spoiled the whole entire time they were here. I am really so lucky to have such amazing parents! I am always so sad when they have to leave.. but luckily we will see them in less than two weeks for our family vacation!!

May 23, 2017

Oakes Come to Town

Brayden's parents and little brother visited us in Charleston! They arrived a day after my parents left, so we had a lot of visitors within two weeks, but it was the best being around family for that long!
Unfortunately, I had to work a lot while they were here... but Brayden was a great little tour guide and showed them around our new city. They were busy and did a lot of exploring. The went to the Magnolia Plantation, Fort Sumter, walked around historic Charleston, and went to the beach! Since I wasn't able to do a lot of the touring with them, I was able to snag some beautiful pictures that they took while they were wandering around! I was so sad I wasn't able to be with them the whole time they were there, but hey someone has to pay the bills! :)

We took a little weekend trip to Savannah, Georgia. It was such a beautiful city. It reminded me a lot of Charleston with all of the historic buildings. There was history everywhere you turned! I am so glad we were able to take a quick trip and explore more of the south. On our way back from Savannah we stopped at the Angel Oak Tree. This tree is over 400 years old, stands about 67 feet tall and provides a whole lot of shade, it was seriously huge!

When we weren't busy walking around Charleston, we just hung around the apartment and played some games! I was super sad I wasn't able to be with them while the toured different places in Charleston, but they took some beautiful pictures so I could see all that they did! It was a blast having Brayden's parents and brother come and visit us! We absolutely love having visitors, we hope they can all come again soon!!

January 6, 2017

Christmas - Orlando

After spending Christmas in Idaho, we took a red eye to Orlando to meet up with some of my family to go to Disney World for my brothers basketball tournament, which he couldn't even play in because of his ACL surgery. When we arrived at 6 in the morning I got a call from Whitney saying that there was no time to rest. She made sure we knew that we had to put on a happy face and not be tired because Davie Crocket wanted to hit the parks. But we loved it. I actually wasn't too tired the first day! I was so excited to see my family that I didn't care I only got 2 hours of sleep on the plane. 

After the first day, Brayden and I got to have our own little Christmas with my parents. They brought all of our presents with them on the plane and even wrapped them!! :)

The next few days were jam packed with park hopping, fast passes, access passes**, walking, basketball games, and food, lots and lots of food. My dad has this thing when he is on vacation that every night needs to end with ice cream, which Brayden and I didn't complain about one bit! We love treats. 

After 4 full days at Disney World we needed a break from walking so we went on an Airboat Ride to go looking for some gators. This was a blast! We got to see a mama alligator and all of her 40 little babies. Our tour guide was awesome and so redneck. After the tour Logan said he aspires to be him one day. 

New Years Eve we went to dinner at a teppanyaki style restaurant, it was so good!! But the portions were HUGE. The rest of the night was very low key which we needed after spending everyday at Disney World. Whitney brought some black face masks that we all got to try out! It was very relaxing. 

This was such an amazing Christmas break filled with family time! From snowy Idaho to warm and sunny Florida, it was perfect.

** One thing I learned from this trip was if you need to get anything done whit dawg is your go to girl. Somehow she got me into the ESPN Zone when I didn't have a ticket, got Logan an access pass to get in the front of all the lines at Disney World, etc. She realized she has no problem twisting the truth a bit to get things done. haha it was awesome. 

We flew out of the Salt Lake Airport so we were able to see Brock, Sarah, Soph, and Liv for a bit that day. We miss living so close to them. I was a little nervous that Liv wouldn't warm up to us right away and not remember us, but she didn't at all. All she wanted to do was sit next to us and have Brayden hold her hand when we were walking outside! We hung out at their house and went to a soda shop, I learned that Liv LOVES soda, a girl after my own heart :) And of course we went to In-N-Out.